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Chateau de plaisance for sale in Antibes

Superb 19th century chateau for sale which was built to the highest quality for an Italian dignatory.

It's built in the Loire chateau style to miniature proportions which makes it a managable proposition for anyone to take on.

It has a pleasant garden and ornamental swimming pool, spacious reception rooms and commodious bedrooms.

Summary information:
to buy
Bedrooms: 9
  • Price Guide (From - To) -: 3 Million Eu
    Briefly - : A fantastic opportunity to buy a French chateau with the benefit of the good weather to be found in the Cote d'Azur which is better than the middle of France!
  • Email: stratos@antibes.co.uk
  • Full details: http://www.holiday-place.com/stratos/properties/chateau_de_plaisance_in_antibes.html
    French Riviera
    ref: antibeschateau

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  • Prestigious London house with 10 acre estate and four staff cottages

    One of the most unusual properties close to central London (16 miles, 35 minutes by train to Victoria Station) and set on a hill overlooking National Trust woods, hills and the valley with a view of London.

    The 10 acres of land comprises four staff cottages, either for staff, or lettable as investment properties, a swimming pool in use, another needing refurbishment, a riding arena, stables (6 looseboxes with foundations laid for more), a paddock, woods, terraced garden and tennis lawn.

    The house comprises 4 reception rooms, with oak and mahogony panelling, Canadian wood parquet floors (currently protected by carpeting) and including a 'sun-room' fitted with 'vita glass' of a size ideal as a concert room for musical recitals, music recording studio or meeting room.

    The rarity of this property cannot be understated: the village was developed in the 19th century into large 5 acre or so plots for properties of the highest prestige. Of these, this house was exceptional in occupying two of the plots and this is the only such house and estate remaining undivided still retaining its staff accommodation. The staff cottages are substantial in their own right.

    The house was built for the daughter of an American pharmaceutical magnate and so is fitted with American push-button lightswitches. Subsequent residents included a well known bookmaker in the 1960s, an Italian multi-national industrialist and more recently a record producer.

    Summary information:
    House, country estate and staff cottages
    for sale
    London - Caterham, Warlingham, Oxted
    Bedrooms: 7 in house + cottages
  • Price Guide (From - To) -: 5,000,000 GB pounds
    Briefly - : One of the most unusual properties accessible to central London in the Cap d'Antibes of south-east England
  • Email: stratos@antibes.co.uk
  • Full details: http://www.holiday-place.com/stratos/properties/prestigious_london_house_with_10_acre_estate_and_four_staff_cottages.html
    England UK
    South East: Surrey
    ref: grillon
    Land area: 10 acres
    Built surface area: 500m2 + cottages estimated 500m2 total

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